We're an Amsterdam and San Francisco based lifestyle tech startup with a global mission to make healthy and sustainable living the new normal.

This means bringing real, purpose-led innovation to a very outdated industry to create the most compelling consumer system of the 21st century.

Turning a broken, commoditized system built on an obsession with short-term sales into a deeply personal, circular model that focusses on you, and long-term growth.

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  • Our vision

    We envision a future where every person has an AI concierge — an infinitely knowledgeable and compassionate lifestyle assistant that maximizes your daily life in an elegantly simple way.

    This AI concierge revolutionizes the way we live, bringing together personal and planetary health in a single superior consumer experience. It knows you inside and out, understands what's best for you, balances a bad day, and maintains a good streak. It reads the moment, anticipates your needs, and guides you through a life of new experiences.

    To enable this, it manages a smart, circular supply chain real-time and with total accuracy, continuously optimizing for what's good for you and the planet. Adding years to your life, while leading the way to a sustainable future.

    In this future, health will be a baseline and not an aspiration — personal and planetary health.

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The team behind it all

  • Portrait of Ruben Smit, CEO at Sunrise

    Ruben Smit


    Creative leader, climate tech passionate and consumer behavior specialist with deep interest in both human and artificial intelligence.

  • Portrait of Ryan Janecek, COO at Sunrise

    Ryan Janecek


    Strategy and operations leader that has consulted many of Silicon Valley’s tech giants in his time at KPMG San Francisco.

  • Portrait of Linford Bacon, CTO at Sunrise

    Linford Bacon


    A pioneering technology leader and data science specialist who is affiliated with the University of Oxford's AI program. Exited a cutting-edge AI startup.