We're an Amsterdam and San Francisco based AI startup empowering humanity to regain control over their lives, their health and their future.

This starts with reimagining today's very unhealthy, unsustainable, and wasteful consumer model. Transforming a self-serving system obsessed with short-term sales into a smart, deeply personal, closed-loop model that allows people and planet to thrive.

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  • Our vision

    As we stand at the crossroads of humanity, there is an unprecedented urgency to choose a path forward. We chose a world that flourishes, transcends, and evolves, empowered by the possibilities that human ingenuity can offer. And we have good reason to do so.

    Our belief is anchored in the potential of artificial intelligence. It allows us to paint a picture of a society where knowledge, on all levels, is not a privilege but a basic right. We see a future where new models translate this democratized knowledge into meaningful, immediate actions, offering agency at scale to all of us.

    Our conviction in the transformative essence of AI is profound. It has the ability to liberate us from the consumption narrative that has hijacked our existence, unlocking doors to new territories of human potential, while healing our planet. AI, in our vision, is not just a tool; it’s a catalyst that holds the promise to dismantle and reshape longstanding power structures, elevating humanity as a whole.

    In this vision, we are not mere spectators but active architects of our fate, building together a world where healthy people and a healthy planet thrive in harmony.

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The team behind it all

  • Portrait of Ruben Smit, CEO at Sunrise

    Ruben Smit


    Creative leader, climate tech passionate and consumer behavior specialist with deep interest in both human and artificial intelligence.

  • Portrait of Ryan Janecek, COO at Sunrise

    Ryan Janecek


    Strategy and operations leader that has consulted many of Silicon Valley’s tech giants in his time at KPMG San Francisco.